Teaching Methods for Indoctrination

2023.10.20 • Jon Guerin

American Cultural Revolution

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Teaching Methods for Indoctrination

The teaching methods of Critical Pedagogy are designed for moral and political indoctrination into Critical Consciousness. Critical Pedagogy holds moral and political education as the primary purpose of education as opposed to mastering skills and subject mater. Students and teachers are considered equals who are learning together how to transform the world and the way you live.

Colleges of education and organizations in the education industry, such as CASEL, are developing teaching programs specifically for indoctrination into Critical Consciousness. They are training teachers to perform moral and political indoctrination on children through programs such as culturally relevant teaching, transformative social emotional learning, and more.

Indoctrination can occur in public schools, private schools, and any school district regardless of the state laws which may try to prevent it. The more the teachers and school administrators in your school who have adopted Critical Pedagogy through various teaching methods and programs, the more indoctrination your child is subjected to. They believe so strongly in critical consciousness, they see it as a moral imperative to impose their moral and political worldview onto your children as part of the ongoing American Cultural Revolution.

Episode Clips

  • The goal of math class is social justice.
    Jones, Shelly M. "Culturally Relevant Math Tasks in the Classroom", Corwin, 22 March 2022,
  • This video talks about putting up a UN Sustainable Development Goals poster at school to generate political discussions.
    Williams, Dr. Jen. "Teaching the SDGs and Student Activism", Focus on Edu, 21 April 2021,
  • This video associated with this article goes through the six different LGBTQ+ awareness days and months in the LA school district.
    Varadarajan, Tunku. "Moms for Liberty: ‘We Do Not Co-Parent With the Government’", Wall Street Journal, 1 September 2023,
  • This video discusses equitable math instruction for Grades 6-8 including how to confront white supremacy in math teacher training and achieving black liberation and black joy in math class.
    Wadlington, Dani. ChenFeng, Andre. Et al. "A Pathway to Equitable Math - Deep Dive - Stride 1 - Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction", The Education Trust-West, 4 October 2020,
  • This video describes how Transformative Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is specifically made for critical social justice.
    Niemi, Karen. Schinger, Melissa. Et al. "CASEL CARES: SEL As a Lever for Equity and Social Justice", CASEL, 12 June 2020,


  • "Take Action Global (TAG) is a leading non-profit organization committed to climate action and equitable educational learning opportunities for global educators and PreK-12 students."
    Take Action Global,
  • "A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction is an integrated approach to mathematics that centers Black, Latinx, and Multilingual students in grades 6-8, addresses barriers to math equity, and aligns instruction to grade-level priority standards."
    A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction,
  • “ to be true education and for it to be dialectical (read: Marxist), it must be based upon dialogue, not lecture and instruction."
    "The dialogical model is used throughout all of the Freirean pedagogy, which proceeds in three definite steps: gathering generative themes, presenting and decodifying the codified themes, and then, allegedly, actual education. In experiments on implementing the Freirean approach, the third of these steps is rarely, if ever, reached. Students are so radicalized by the first two steps that they become 'emotional wrecks' who not only don’t want to learn to read but also see no point in reading at all, often turning on the 'facilitators' as part of the deep, existential problem in their lives. That is, in summary, the Freirean model works for conscientizing, which is radicalizing, but it does so at the expense of achieving its selling point, enhanced actual education through high engagement and interest. It’s good to remember that Freire considers the academic content a mere mediator to the radicalization before concluding that this outcome represents a failure of the Freirean method as opposed to it doing what it is actually designed to do (whatever intentions or claims about intentions are given alongside it).
    “ avoid reproducing the power dynamics of a class society, it(instruction) must also feature dialogue between educators and learners as equals."
    "In the dialogical method, educators and learners are supposed to learn, which is to say conscientize, which actually means radicalize, together.”
    "For example, under a progressive stack, those students deemed to be the most oppressed will be allowed to speak preferentially and given more of the teacher’s time, attention, and help, and those who are deemed to be the most privileged will have to wait until last, if they are welcome to any resources at all beyond being present (see also, shut up and listen).”
    Lindsay, James. "Critical Pedagogy", New Discourses Social Justice Encyclopedia, 8 September 2020,
  • This is an example of how radical gender ideology is indoctrinated through discussion.
    Schwarz, Ace. "3 Tips for Making Your Classroom More Gender Inclusive", Edutopia, 31 August 2023,