Attack on Parental Rights

2023.10.20 • Jon Guerin

American Cultural Revolution

Education Series

Attack on Parental Rights

Parental Rights include instilling your own moral values into your children. Public education should not be moral education, and parents should always have religious exemptions. Parents have the right to choose education which includes full transparency in public education and the ability to choose private or home schooling. Parents have the right to direct the health care of their children including all mental and physical care given to their children. Parents are the experts on their children. However, many teachers, administrators and organizations claim their own so-called experts know better than parents what is best for their children. Under the guise of expertise, they want to indoctrinate the moral and political worldview of Critical Consciousness into your children.

The authoritarians are attacking parental rights by hiding curriculum, hiding mental health issues and gender transistions of your children, firing teachers and administrators that share information with parents instead of hiding it, teaching children to confide in trusted adults instead of their parents, using comprehensive sexual education to drive a wedge between children and parents, and finally using the federal government to investigate parents as domestic terrorists. They want educators, healthcare workers and other experts to have total control over children in order to morally and politically indoctrinate your children into Critical Consciousness as part of the ongoing American Cultural Revolution.

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