2023.10.20 • Jon Guerin

American Cultural Revolution

Education Series


Education is undergoing a transformation into indoctrination. This is part of the ongoing American Cultural Revolution which aims to destroy individual rights, instill a belief in critical consciousness as the only worldview, and establish total authoritarian control.

US and Western education is now based on “Critical Pedagogy” which is directed toward indoctrinating “Critical Consciousness” into children. This means utilizing education to indoctrinate moral and political beliefs such as critical social justice, equity (meaning equal outcomes by identity group), and sustainability. The indoctrination is found everywhere: public schools, private schools, red states, blue states, and even where Critical Race Theory has been banned. It's a question of degree, some schools have more indoctrination than other schools depending on how much Critical Pedagogy has been adopted by the school administrators and teachers.

This series goes into the details of how indoctrination occurs through Critical Pedagogy. A fundamental aspect of Critical Pedagogy is teaching that knowledge is socially constructed, thus all reason, science and evidence can solely be directed toward their political ends without any regard for the external reality we all live in. The school curriculum in all subjects is infused with equity, social justice, and sustainability in order to raise Critical Consciousness in children to adopt authoritarian moral and political agendas. The teaching methods are designed for indoctrination, academic standards are being lowered, and the quality of education is down. Parental rights are being attacked to minimize alternatives and resistance to indoctrination. Children are being data mined in order to manipulate and control their behavior. Most of the education industry is geared to support indoctrination of children into Critical Consciousness including Teachers Unions, Colleges of Education which train teachers, non-governmental organizations (e.g. CASEL), accreditation requirements as well as government policy, regulation and funding. Moreover, media and activists groups are engaged in political warfare to deceive and manipulate the public and parents so they won’t recognize and push back against indoctrination into the moral and political agendas of Critical Consciousness.

The solution is to root out Critical Pedagogy from US and Western education. We must reject indoctrination into Critical Consciousness. We must reject the social construction of knowledge and base knowledge on external reality without pre-determined conclusions for political purposes. We must reject the dogmatic moral impositions of equity and sustainability. We must reject that everyone has to believe and all of society should be directed toward achieving equity and sustainability. We must reject discussion based teaching methods used for indoctrination and utilize teaching methods that improve the quality of education. We need increased local control of education by reducing the dependence on federal funding, regulations, accreditation, third party companies, non-profits, and other outside influences. We need to support viable alternate education options such as home schooling.

Children should not be indoctrinated to believe in Critical Consciousness. Children should not be indoctrinated to be controllable and dependent on authoritarians and their experts. Educating children to master subjects and to think for themselves is a crucial part of the Second Enlightenment against the ongoing American Cultural Revolution.