Moral and Political Indoctrination

2023.10.20 • Jon Guerin

American Cultural Revolution

Education Series

Moral and Political Indoctrination

US and Western education is now based on “Critical Pedagogy”. They are using Critical Pedagogy to focus education on moral and political indoctrination into Critical Consciousness instead of mastering subject material and skills. This is done to have children accept and support sustainability, equity (i.e. equal outcomes by identity group), and critical social justice. All of which requires revolutionary change to the way you live and transform society under authoritarian control. A society where the authoritarians and their expert stakeholders have a moral obligation to ruthlessly wield power. A society where the ends justify the means, and any amount of manipulation, coercion or force is morally justified by the authoritarians. The transformation of education into indoctrination is a key part of the ongoing American Cultural Revolution.

Episode Clips


  • Paulo Freire was a Marxist educator who played a key role in the development of Critical Pedagogy. “Freire indicates that literacy lessons are best used as mediators to conscientization, which is the result of gaining true political literacy. That means under the pretext of teaching peasants and slum-dwellers to read, he is actually radicalizing them into a Marxist consciousness. His pedagogy of the oppressed is, in fact, this conscientization process.”
    Lindsay, James. “Freirean” Social Justice Encyclopedia, 27 September 2022,
  • "The book begins by tracing the first waves of critical scholarship in the field through a close, contextual study of the intellectual and political projects of several core figures including, Paulo Freire, Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis, Michael Apple, and Henry Giroux. Later chapters offer a discussion of feminist critiques, the influx of postmodernist and poststructuralist ideas in education, and critical theories of race.”
    Gottesman, Isaac. The Critical Turn in Education, 2016.
  • " can hear how the 'ways of knowing' in the natural sciences have to be adjusted, modified, and made pluralistic alongside activism, the arts, humanities, and the social sciences, especially feminism and Indigeneity' in service to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030."
    Lindsay, James. "The Strange Death of the University, Part 4: The Strange Death of Knowledge", New Discources Podcast, Episode 100,
  • This organization promotes environmental education. "Our work centers on empowering students and communities to take action for the climate and our collective future. Through projects, resources, and other innovative education practices, we support teachers in helping students be curious, learn about the environment, and make a difference in our world."
    Williams, Jen. Take Action Global,
  • "The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) promotes communist education that’s based on Paulo Freire’s Critical Pedagogy. It’s been re-branded to Global Citizenship Education or Education for Sustainable Development but it’s the same insidious communist indoctrination by a different name. UNESCO is highly influential around the world and pushes this Critical Pedagogy into schools and universities around the world. Our education systems have been hijacked and are being used to indoctrinate the next generation of children and the adults they become and this is largely a result of efforts by the UN."
    "The United Nations goes full communist", Re-education Nation, 17 May 2023,
  • "For Prof. Sahagian, it is essential to reach students who would not otherwise be exposed to the importance of a sustainable relationship between people and the planet. 'This approach is based on the actual assumption that all students should have at least a working knowledge of SDGs and their underlying principles, to be used in their subsequent careers and personal lives,' he stresses." "Mainstreaming SDGs into College Curricula", United Nations, Accessed 6 October 2023,
  • "The great news about the SDGs is that you can find at least one in almost every lesson; you just need to know how to look."
    Waters, Harry. "Incorporating Sustainable Development Goals in your curriculum", Cambridge World of Better Learning, 16 March 2023,
  • "Schools in the coming year or two are very likely to lurch into direct instruction into activism to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Agenda 2030. The documentation from entities like the WEF and UNESCO already makes this clear, but in this episode of the New Discourses Podcast, host James Lindsay goes through a document from the NEA Foundation, the charitable arm of the largest national teachers union, to show that they not only have these plans but have adopted well-developed curriculum guides to start distributing to teachers and school administrators, right down to detailed lessons on topics like hunger and starvation in kindergarten."
    Lindsay, James. "The NEA Goes Sustainable", New Discourses Podcast, Episode 106, 16 January 2023,
  • "Their findings reveal that curricula feature new courses, modules and disciplines, created and implemented to address the SDGs with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary involvement. Research and partnerships demonstrate cooperative behaviour between HEIs, companies, society and governmental and non-governmental institutions, contributing to sustainable economic development locally, regionally and globally."
    Avelar, A.B.A., da Silva Oliveira, K.D. & Farina, M.C. "The integration of the Sustainable Development Goals into curricula, research and partnerships in higher education.", Int Rev Educ 69, 299–325 (2023).
  • "Incorporating the SDGs into our teaching can help students make connections between their disciplinary knowledge and skills and the world’s most pressing challenges. These 'real world' connections also often make course content more relevant to students, enhancing motivation."
    "Connecting Local and Global: Bringing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Our Teaching", Georgia Tech, Accessed 6 October 2023,
  • "...we have employed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as a thematic framework. This framework was introduced to promote the achievement of affective learning outcomes, including a systems thinking approach to exploring the relevance of first-year chemistry content and concepts to societal and global challenges."
    Riley J. Petillion, Tamara K. Freeman, and W. Stephen McNeil. Journal of Chemical Education, 2019 96 (12), 2845-2851 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.9b00307,
  • "In addition to the strong moral obligation of higher education institutions (HEIs) to contribute to the achievement of this ambitious agenda, there are other compelling reasons:...A deep commitment to PRME has a primary goal: to develop 'the capabilities of students to be future generators of sustainable value for business and society at large.'"
    "Blueprint for SDG Integration into Curriculum, Research and Partnerships", PRIME, Accessed 6 October 2023,
  • SDG's in medical schools.
    Ángela Amorós Molina, Daniel Helldén, Tobias Alfvén, Maria Niemi, Karin Leander, Helena Nordenstedt, Carita Rehn, Rawlance Ndejjo, Rhoda Wanyenze & Olivia Biermann (2023) "Integrating the United Nations sustainable development goals into higher education globally: a scoping review", Global Health Action, 16:1, DOI: 10.1080/16549716.2023.2190649
  • SDG's in nursing schools.
    Upvall, M.J., Luzincourt, G., (2019,November/December). "Global citizens, healthy communities: Integrating the sustainable development goals into the nursing curriculum.", Nursing Outlook, 67 (6), 649657.
  • "The following resources will provide instructors with materials to support, introduce and infuse the SDGs into their lessons. (Math and Statistics)"
    York University, Accessed 6 October 2023,
  • "For example, you can select a single SDG theme for the course (e.g., hunger, poverty, gender equality), you can select a different theme to apply to each chapter, or students in groups can select a theme which they will explore creating an application project to share with the class."
    Woolf, Linda M., PhD. "Teaching to Change the World: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)", American Psychological Association, 2 May 2023,