Liberty and Justice Conference
Cultural Revolution

2023.08.17 • Jon Guerin

Shooting Soul Stream, Ep. 2

This episode compares the Chinese Cultural Revolution with the current American Cultural Revolution.

Chinese Cultural Revolution American Cultural Revolution
Censorship State controlled media and Self-Censorship, Political Correctness State and big business influenced media, Self-Censorship, Political Correctness
Identity Politics Black (bad) and Red (good) Intersectional male/white/western is bad, everything else is good
Struggle Sessions Social Norms and Re-education camps Social Media, Social Norms, Cancel Culture
Youth Rebellion Red Guard Antifa, BLM, Eco Warriors, Social Justice Warriors
Cult Maoism Critical Social Justice and Sustainability
Destroy Old Society Destroy Meritocracy, Culture, Religion, Family, Femininity, Snitch Culture, tear down statues Destroy Meritocracy, Culture, Family, Masculinity, Snitch Culture, tear down statues
Radicalize Institutions Maoism infused into Military, Justice System, Education, Entertainment SEL, DEI, CRT, ESG infused into Military, Justice System, Education, Entertainment, as well as Religion
Political Economy Communism with Fascism Fascism with Communism
Tyranny Enforcement Forced thought reform, harsh punishment / restrictions, re-education camps Voluntarily sell your soul, coercive, life is easier when you conform, DEI training


Shooting Soul proudly sponsored the Liberty and Justice conference in Clearwater, FL on July 20-22, 2023 hosted by Sovereign Nations. The conference featured James Lindsay from New Discourses, Michael O’Fallon from Sovereign Nations, Cathy Kiang from Asians for Liberty, survivors of Mao’s China Xi Van Fleet and Lily Tang Williams and more.

Recaps of Conference Talks

Episode References

2:50 Chinese - Land Reform 1950 Mao redistributes land to peasants.

3:01 Chinese - Hundred Flowers Campaign 1956-57 Mao allows for freedom of speech and uses this to imprison dissidents.

3:21 American - Elon Musk purchases Twitter Elon Musk slightly eases censorship on Twitter, but it is not full freedom of speech.

3:30 Chinese - Three Banner Campaign 1958 Mao's plan to modernize China and implement full communism.

3:46 American - Technocratic Control Technocrats, sometimes called "stakeholders", coerce business to follow their plans through ESG and DEI. There is also direct intervention by technocrats into the economy with stimulus and bailouts also illustrate that the interventions themselves cause their own problems.

4:18 American - Future of Technocratic Control China's current use of digital currencies and social credit scores illustrates what is planned for the rest of the world.

4:27 Chinese - Great Leap Forward 1958 One banner of the Three Banner campaign to modernize farming and industry.

4:38 American - Sustainability Sustainability is the American version of the Great Leap Forward which pushes for so-called sustainable practices in farming, energy and industry are already starting to have disasterous effects.

5:00 American - Land Ownership Consolidation Land ownership, especially of farms, is being consolidated or outright confiscated.

5:15 Chinese - Great Famine 1959-1961 The Three Banner Campaign leads to the Great Famine.

5:46 American - Financial System Failure and Degrowth Massive corruption and lying regarding mortgage backed securities and other financial instruments lead to the 2008 financial crisis and bank failures. The financial system has never fully recovered. Degrowth policies being pushed and implemented are designed to lower your standard of living by reducing or eliminating travel, meat consumption, and more.

6:32 American - Intentional Destruction of Society Authoritarians are pushing controlled economic failure and societal destabilization to enable the transistion to stakeholder capitalism.

6:59 Chinese - Cultural Revolution 1966-1976 Mao launched a cultural revolution to seize absolute power after the failure of his Three Banner Campaign.

7:32 Chinese - Red Guards 1966-1968 Militant youth movement to destroy old culture and opposition to Mao.

8:19 American - Activist Education Colleges of Education that train teachers were radicalized in the 1990's. The educations system is indoctrinating students with authoritarian worldviews and values such as critical social justice and equity as well pushing them to become activists.

9:11 American - Protests and Riots Protests are not always grassroots efforts. They are often organized and funded from the top-down by large organizations. Just as Mao destroyed the Red Guard after he gained total control, today's authoritarians will destroy the most radical factions, such as Antifa and BLM, after they gain total power.

9:58 American - Attack Independence Worldview They are destroying the old culture by attacking the US founding ideals of individual rights and other Enlightenment values as well as tearing down statues.

10:12 Immigrants Speak Clip Immigrants realize the US is going through a cultural revolution similar to China's.

11:10 American - Destroy Old Culture They are attacking cultural values such as masculinity, meritocracy, and the family while lowering standards or eliminating exams. They are taking children away from their parents who don't "affirm" them and have different beliefs.

11:41 American - Radicalize Instituions They are infusing authoritarian worldviews such as sustainability and critical social justice into the institutions of the military, criminal justice, arts and entertainment, education, and religion. They are purging people in these institutions that don't go along with the authoritarian worldview.

12:37 American - Identity Politics and Cancel Culture Intersectional identies, e.g. race, gender, LGBTQ+, etc., is the current special property that divides society into class conflict. People are taught to hate the bad identities and want to be part of a good identity. People are put through struggle sessions to adopt the authoritarian worldview including society being split into intersectional identies. Cancel culture is when people lose their jobs for political incorrectness.

14:40 Chinese - Incorporating Markets, Crushing Democracy 1978-Present After Mao lead China into ruins for a second time, Deng Xiaoping revolutioned China's economy by incorporating markets with the help of the US and the West. He crushed the democract movement building in China through the 80's and removed all supporters of democracy fron the party. The US and the West did little to support the democratic movement in China.

15:55 American - Stakeholder Capitalism The US and the West is pushing towards authoritarian fascist control on top, called stake-holder capitalism, with communism underneath (e.g. equity, redistribution programs). They are also starting to push for people to be global citizens with a responsibility to support the Sustainable Development Goals which has been made the focus of all education. Ultimately, they want to establish a global fascist government for global citizens with no individual rights.

16:28 American - Western Civilization Suicide Worldviews based on the Romantic reaction to the Enlightenment, e.g. Rousseau, lead to the French Revolution, Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the current American Cultural Revolution. As opposed to the Enlightenment, e.g. Locke, which lead to the original American Revolution for independence. The Second Enlightenment builds on the liberal ideals of the Enlightenment to prevent the suicide of Western Civilization.

20:20 Immigrants Speak Clip Xi Van Fleet warns we must pushback against the American Cultural Revolution or it will get worse.