Liberty and Justice Conference
Authoritarian Worldview

2023.08.29 • Jon Guerin

Shooting Soul Stream, Ep. 3

This episode details the authoritarian worldview that underpins the American Cultural Revolution. First, we cover the history of authoritarian ideas and thinkers that influence what we see today. Then we look into detail how authoritarianism is being applied today.

Authoritarian Worldview
Society and the world is a prison. Life is a curse and not a gift.
Society is divided into conflicting classes by intersectional identity.
e.g. opressive whites, opressed blacks, opressed LGBTQ+
Humanity is the Creator, is God.
Humanity creates society and even humanity itself.
Society and humanity can be perfected. Unity can be achieved and all conflicting classes removed.
Society is perfected through deception, destruction, coercion and force. The ends justify the means.
Authoritarians with "critical consciousness" must be given full control to completely transform society from a prison to a perfected, sustainable, inclusive world.


Shooting Soul proudly sponsored the Liberty and Justice conference in Clearwater, FL on July 20-22, 2023 hosted by Sovereign Nations. The conference featured James Lindsay from New Discourses, Michael O’Fallon from Sovereign Nations, Cathy Kiang from Asians for Liberty, survivors of Mao’s China Xi Van Fleet and Lily Tang Williams and more.

Recaps of Conference Talks

Episode References

03:31 Hermeticism

04:26 Plato

05:21 Gnosticism

06:39 Hegel

08:13 Marxism

09:53 Maoism

11:27 Fabian Socialism

12:24 Herbert Marcuse

13:48 Antonio Gramsci

14:40 Kimberle Crenshaw

17:40 Class Struggle

21:39 Humanity is God

24:53 Expert Rule

26:37 Cult-like

28:38 Destruction

30:39 Political Warfare

32:53 Socially Constructed Reality

37:28 Suicidal Path