2024.03.08 • Jon Guerin

American Cultural Revolution - Ideology

The ideology driving the American Cultural Revolution has an authoritarian vision. They want to transform society from a liberal society with individual freedom to an illiberal society completely managed and controlled by the ruling class.

Critical consciousness is the core beliefs and values of the American Cultural Revolution. The ultimate good is sustainability and equity, also known as environmental justice and social justice. Equity means equal outcomes for idenity groups and lowering standards. Sustainabilty requires controling resources and human behavior. There is a moral obligation for you and everyone to engage in revolution to achieve sustainability and equity.

This is a totalizing ideology. Every policy, every decision, every transaction from all areas of society and from the largest organizations down to the smallest community is political and has an impact. It all must be controlled by the ruling class. This is not a live and let live ideology. Any opposition will be actively suppressed and destroyed and everyone must participate in the new society.

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Authoritarian Vision

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Adopting Equity

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Critical Consciousness

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The current pope supports the ideology of the American Cultural Revolution for the church in the form of liberation theology which has marxist roots. "A progressive theological current that emphasizes the Catholic church's closeness to the poor and the marginalized but was subject to decades of hostility and censure is now finding increasing favor in the Vatican under Pope Francis....During the pontificate of the fiercely anti-communist John Paul II, some of liberation theology's leading exponents, such as Jon Sobrino and Leonardo Boff, were accused of espousing Marxist ideas and were censured by the Vatican."
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