The Centralization of Power

Based on the work of James Lindsay

2022.10.31 • Jon Guerin

People are noticing issues and sensing that something is off. Perhaps they’ve seen problems in their industry, strange school curriculum, media spin, or increased crime. At first, it’s rationalized as issues that society has always dealt with before, a small fringe group, a few bad actors, or a lapse in judgement. People trust society has leaders and institutions in place to mitigate these issues. However, the issues not only persist but are increasing, the values they are hold are being ridiculed, and their own lives are being effected more by the day. What’s different this time is the leaders in positions of authority, the powerful elite, are reducing liberty and intentionally transforming society in order to centralize power.1

The powerful elite are in all areas of society: government, business, philanthropy, non-governmental organizations, religion, and academia. They espouse utopian values including world peace and ending poverty; however, the value they actually hold is accumulating power. They want to centralize power such that they control speech, allocate resources, determine economic outcomes, set social norms, direct academia, and ultimately dictate the will of the people. This requires society to transform from a liberal society with individual freedom to an illiberal society controlled by the elite. In order to transform society, they believe in a revolutionary ideology which operates by infiltrating and destroying existing governments, businesses, religious institutions, media, and civil society from within. In this ideology, the aim of knowledge itself is directed away from objective truth and towards centralizing power. To advance their agenda, the elite have general tactics they use such as manipulating language, taking advantage of a crisis, and sowing division. Finally, the elite currently have specific projects in place that are working towards their goal of centralizing power.

1. The Powerful Elite and Their Vision

The World Economic Forum (WEF) lead by Klaus Schwab is a good microcosm of the elite and their vision which includes leaders and organizations across governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and religious organizations. The WEF also has a young leaders program to groom up and coming leaders. Their vision is described in books by Schwab like The Great Reset, The Great Narrative, and Stakeholder Capitalism as well as the WEF’s 2030 vision. In short, they want to centralize control in a ruling class through governments, international organizations and/or international companies.2

Additional elite organizations and people include the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), George Soros’s Open Society, the World Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation as well as government leaders such as Justin Trudeau, business leaders such as Larry Fink, religious leaders such as Pope Francis, philanthropists such as Bill Gates, and technologists such as Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. Within the government, this includes un-elected administrative state bureaucrats in departments such as the Fed (technically private with a government issued monopoly), the FBI, the CDC, and the EPA. Their vision is also seen in programs such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the Circular Economy, and Agenda 30.

The elite position themselves as acting in the global public interest while upholding moral and intellectual integrity.3 While they make lofty and benevolent claims, their aim is to take full control4 and manipulate5 the population instead of empowering people and being accountable. In practice, this means they want to be the ones to shape and control society regardless of the truth or the cost to ordinary people. Un-elected bureaucrats and powerful elite will decide which stakeholders to account for and how to equitably use, measure and distribute resources, profit, goods and services. This is open collusion and racketeering to subvert governments from representing their people and businesses from competing in an open market.6 In short, they want to centralize all power in their hands.

They sell the public on utopian values including: sacrificing the individual for the collective,7 equitable outcomes,8 eliminating poverty,9 eliminating violence,10 and combating climate change.11 They believe the experts (aka themselves)12 are the ones to engineer society, to determine what is good, to determine what makes people happy, to best allocate resources, and ultimately to set the limited range for people to live within. Because they believe they alone should rule, the ends always justifies the means. Any and all amount of deception, lies, and oppression is acceptable when it advances their cause.13 The more power they attain, the more censorship, coercion and violence they will use to hold and expand their power.14

2. Transforming Society

To realize their vision, the elites need to destroy the existing liberal institutions and culture, and then install a centralized illiberal society.15 Broadly speaking, they are implementing top-down, inside-out, and bottom-up strategies all at the same time.16 From the top-down, they are getting their adherents into positions of power to implement policies, laws, and projects. From the inside-out, they are utilizing propaganda to change culture in society and companies to create a spirit of the times in support of their projects. From the bottom-up, they are utilizing activists, employees, and customer demand to push for their projects. This puts pressure on everyday people, mid-level management and others to go along with the transformation. These are similar to techniques used in the Chinese cultural revolution to destroy the “Four Olds” (ideas, culture, customs, and habits)17 and by the vanguard of the Russian Bolshevik revolution.18

The elites operate like organized crime with loose collaboration and are not a single institution or hierarchy following strict orders or a hard timeline. There is in-fighting between factions of the elites, and there is not always explicit co-ordination. Some elites may see what one group does that works and copy or go along with it. Even their vision of a centralized society doesn’t necessitate exactly what it will look like in practice. For example, there may or may not be a world government or there may only be a need for international corporations. However, they know who their common enemies are, and they will continue to push to eliminate all liberal and decentralized aspects of society to complete the transformation and take full control.19

3. Ideology

The elite believe in and promulgate a revolutionary ideology with the promise of utopia in order to have more people accept their rule. This allows them to gain support and minimize resistance to centralizing power. Instead of creating or supporting a single cohesive group of say communists, fascists or social democrats, they work to have aspects of their ideology introduced and adopted by a myriad of groups to various degrees.20 It’s not a simple matter of people out there saying “we are Identity-Marxists” and trying to gain or force converts to Identity-Marxism. In fact, some people will either knowingly or unwittingly claim to be against the elite and centralization of power while supporting their values and projects. Thus, conservatives, liberals, moderates, Christians, Muslims, etc. may all potentially adopt values that help further the elite agenda.21

Dialectical Leftism is the engine of elite ideology.22 It believes there is a cyclical process that unfolds through history until humanity is perfected and utopia is achieved,23 where there is no more hierarchy,24 no more oppressors. This is not done by incrementally improving conditions or creating a better place. Absolute perfection is achieved through airing grievances, exacerbating contradictions and destroying the existing society to release the utopia contained within it.25 Moreover, instead of believing in a knowable objective reality with a fixed human nature,26 they believe humans create themselves completely through society and this dialectical process. Thus, they will always support revolution even if it leads to unknown or worse objective outcomes for humanity.27 For the dialectical left, destructive revolution is the only progress and destructive revolution is always progress. The latest ideas that the dialectic has produced are Critical Social Justice and Sustainability.

Critical Social Justice (a.k.a. woke) is being used to indoctrinate people and institutions to align with the elite agenda.28 This includes critical race theory (CRT),29 gender ideology, queer theory, and the whole range of “critical” disciplines. Critical Social Justice is not critical thinking,30 is not social justice, and it does not continue the civil rights movement.31 Instead, Critical Social Justice breeds discontent and a victim mentality.32 It divides people into an intersectional hierarchy with groups of oppressors and oppressed based on various characteristics and group membership.33 This coerces people to either become activists for the elite agenda, people who won’t speak out against the agenda or people who can no longer function in their own in society.34 The goal of Critical Social Justice is to force equal outcomes which can only be determined by Critical Social Justice experts. This is all another way of saying the ultimate goal is communism.35

Sustainability is, broadly speaking, the concept that a process or society should be maintainable indefinitely into the future and never run out of resources to sustain itself. This requires complete predictability based on existing technology and knowledge. Thus, Sustainability requires control to ensure predictability. There can be no spontaneous order, no individual ingenuity. This conveniently aligns the elite’s utopian values and push for centralized control across governments and businesses. Sustainability is used to centralize power instead of dealing with real and practical issues related to the environment and other areas.36

In order to influence people beyond social justice warriors and environmental extremists, the elite are pushing to infuse the ideas of Critical Social Justice and Sustainability into seminary schools, religious programs, business training and practices, K-12 schools, universities, NGO goals, entertainment, and more.37 If there is push back to these ideas or if they utterly fail, this won’t deter the elite. The dialectic will progress and another wave of new utopian ideas will be promulgated.38

4. Transformation Tactics

The following general tactics are employed in a range of scenarios to advance the elite agenda to transform society and centralize control.


Any crisis, however large or small, is used to further centralize power and restrict individual freedoms permanently through fear and the promise of safety. In 2001, the Patriot Act authorized surveillance of everyone, expanded secret courts, and limited privacy rights.39 40 In 2008, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and Dodd-Frank Act bailed out wall street, made the big banks bigger,41 and gave the government more control over banks.42 In 2020, the federal Stafford Act, Defense Production Act, numerous Covid relief acts, and similar state measures allowed for emergency powers to suspend property rights, limit personal liberties,43 and for more direct control of the economy from the administrative state favoring big business.44 45 Even when a crisis is caused by the elite or was preventable by the elite, the response to any crisis is always to centralize power even more. The elite will always deflect any and all blame related to a crisis. Climate change is being treated as an existential risk based on unreliable models46 with proposed solutions that don’t even address the risk. This is being used as a cover to centrally control the energy and food supplies to intentionally create scarcity.47 A crisis enables greater control of the people who are put in a state of fear, focused on basic survival, focused on getting through the crisis, more willing to sacrifice rights, and give more power to the elite.48

Language Games

People advancing the elite agenda don’t speak plainly and use different meanings of the same word.49 They value power over objective truth and will insist on understanding terms based on power dynamics instead of objective meaning. For example, “inclusion” is commonly understood to mean welcoming and involving everyone. However, Critical Social Justice addresses historical injustice and making people feel comfortable, so that “inclusion” means being politically correct, being intolerant, limiting who can speak, and even excluding people from being present based on their identity.50

They use their own self-created technical jargon in order to obfuscate what’s going on and create an air of authority. For example, take the sentence “this study is based on the auto-ethnographies of eight cisgender males”. This simply means the study is based on the self-reported stories of eight men. Moreover, the elite “experts” use their technical jargon and self-proclaimed deeper understanding of words to claim authority and control. They want everyone to defer judgement and always look to the elite experts for answers and to understand the world based on the elites’ values.51

They use a rhetorical technique to implement radical change with the use of benevolent and mundane words and phrases.52 Instead of arguing the merits of the radical transformation of society, which is what they want and are doing, they will argue vague and trivial true statements such as “black lives matter”, “it’s just acknowledging gay people exist”, “it’s just...”, “it’s just...”. After the trivial statement is accepted, they then proceed using a radical interpretation of what was agreed to. This is especially an issue with policy where well-intentioned laws or procedure can be manipulated to introduce radical change through the manipulation of the meaning of words. It’s a rhetorical bait and switch where they sell people on a benign meaning while they really have a revolutionary meaning and intent.

They accuse their opposition of engaging in nefarious acts, censorship, and lies which they themselves are doing. They’ll also flatly deny any accusation and evidence against them. This manipulation is done to make their opponents look crazy, have people doubt themselves, and to discredit their opposition.53

Critique Everything Else

They ruthlessly criticize all opposition, liberal institutions, and existing systems of checks and balances such that they should be completely torn down instead of improved. Any imperfection is exploited no matter how significant or relevant, while anything positive is ignored or discounted.54 All opposition and historical figures are branded as bigots, homophobic, etc. and cast aside. They continually call something racist in order to control it.55 The solution is never to improve things, but always to abolish them.56 Yet, any person or institution aligned with the elite agenda escapes all criticism.57 Moreover, they denounce the world even when they get what they want.58 It’s never far enough.59

Approaches to ignore objective reality and corrupt science include pushing for other ways of knowing,60 favoring lived experience,61 and having people in power reflect what the community looks like.62 This puts the focus on power and activism instead of dealing with objective reality and competence.


The elite set up “controlled opposition” or “contained opposition”, where there is the appearance of checks and balances, the appearance of opposition, but the elite corrupt it by taking over and running the regulators, running the opposition, or making sure the opposition doesn’t have meaningful power.

Government has a revolving door with the industries they regulate where the same people move between government and industry63 64 and may even share the same public relations firm.65 The government is funded by special interests66 and are not directly accountable to the people they are supposed to represent. More power is being given over to the un-elected administrative organizations such as the CDC, FDA, EPA, CIA, and more.67 Also, laws in congress are written directly by special interest lawyers.68 Finally, government officials receive kickbacks through insider trading,69 lucrative book deals,70 and speaking tours.71


Much of the corporate news is owned and controlled the elite.72 They either don’t report on, limit the reach, or censor facts and viewpoints that go against the agenda. They are focused on activism and not on being objective.73 This is also true for the fact checking organizations which are designed to help suppress opposing views.74 Polling is intentionally inaccurate to manipulate voting and campaign donations.75 They use unverified leaked information (in some cases information planted by the elite), biased experts, and rumors on the Internet to shape their narrative and coverage.76 They push the elite agenda as opposed to acting as a check against abuse of power or informing the public.77 Moreover, entertainment produced by the corporate media is also being infused with Critical Social Justice.78 79 80 81

Divide the People

The elite work to keep the people divided so they can’t effectively unite in opposition to the elite and their agenda.

One division is between Republicans and Democrats. While this is also a case of controlled opposition where the elite have a large influence on both parties,82 it’s useful to have the people focus on other issues that divide them. Let some people rail against Big Government and others rail against Big Corporations, all the while both are getting bigger. This way people are more concerned about being a Democrat or Republican instead of being American and uniting against the elite.83 Moreover, if resistance to the elite starts building in one party, then they will be more easily isolated and unable to gain any support from sympathetic people in the other party.84

Identity politics views people in terms of good identities and bad identities. Good identities are oppressed victims and bad identities are oppressors. They want people to try to find a way to join or support oppressed groups. This is similar to what Mao did when he created five red categories (good) and five black categories (bad).85

They want the focus on party politics, individual leaders, and identity groups instead of discussing the issues, holding people in power accountable, and decentralizing power. They always look for ways to divide people that oppose any part of their agenda. For example, the medical establishment wants doctors and nurses to focus on their divisive issues instead of pushing back against the corporate takeover of the medical industry. In education, they want the focus on school choice instead of the corporate and federal takeover of curriculum and teacher certification.86 These are all valid issues to debate, but it can prevent push back and opposition to the centralization of power.

Flood the Zone

The elite are relentless and never tire.87 They have already accrued large amounts of wealth and power that they put to work. They launch specific projects to incrementally obtain more power. They get as much as possible with each project, and then they move on the next project. In addition to media propaganda, they sponsor activists and academics to generate copious amounts of material, biased papers, and biased studies. Moreover, they repackage their existing ideas and agenda to make it sound new or to tailor it for a specific audience.88 Thus, if people push back against a specific project or debunk a single paper, then there are thousands more out there and more to come. It’s meant to demoralize people and manipulate as many people as possible.

Thought Reform

Behavioral economics is used to consistently coerce people to voluntarily restrict their own behavior and support elite projects.89 Currently, this is done through political correctness and training courses. In addition to vague and questionable policies, social media bans and shadow-bans all cast wide nets ensnaring innocent users, which hinders small businesses from making money,90 artists from advertising, and even parents from co-ordinating with schools.91 In more extreme cases, people lose their jobs and other opportunities if they don’t comply with or speak out against the agenda.92 As bad as the current situation is, the elites want to further mine personal data to create personalized incentives and disincentives to affect behavior change in more detailed ways. They want to track every item purchased in real time as well as a person’s carbon footprint, health, and current state of emotion. They provide people with prompts, incentives, and disincentives on the correct behavior that aligns with the elite agenda. The constant and repeated manipulation of choices is meant to seamlessly change peoples actual beliefs to align with elite values.93


The elite and their adherents will deliberately do something offensive or on the edge of the law or social norms in order to advance their agenda. If there is no reaction, then they advance their cause a little and their adversaries lose credibility and are demoralized. If there is a reaction, then they’ll ask why anyone cares, why are people making it an issue, etc. They will always frame the reaction as an over-reaction in order to get public perception and support on their side. They want their adversaries to be punished severely for the reaction.94 95

5. Projects for Transformation

The following are specific projects for transforming society into an illiberal society with centralized control across various industries and aspects of life.

Currently, the two key projects are Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).96 ESG is a social credit score used to coerce governments, finance and business to adopt centralized control and participate in social engineering.97 SEL is used in education to data mine children to build psychological profiles for behavioral manipulation. It also trains them to be psychologically vulnerable and incapable of functioning independently in a free society. SEL is designed to train children to want centralized control or at the very least to accept it without resistance.98 Thus, ESG is bringing in centralized control and SEL is training the next generation to want it and accept it.


ESG is a social credit score for businesses with metrics determined arbitrarily by the elite to serve different stakeholders. The stakeholders are items like the environment, the “oppressed”, and so on. This score is increasingly important for businesses in order to get loans and investment from groups like BlackRock. Thus, the elite can manipulate ESG scores to put pressure or force businesses to support their agenda. This is why Sri Lanka adopted ESG policies which then contributed to food shortages.99


In order to get a better ESG score, businesses may implement Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)100 programs, cut back on fossil fuels, etc. DEI programs in businesses promote Critical Social Justice propaganda in corporate culture and policies. Diversity puts the focus on identity groups based on Critical Social Justice.101 Inclusion means creating a safe space to celebrate and actively affirm identity groups while at the same time excluding those who dissent against Critical Social Justice.102 The purpose of diversity and inclusion is to push for equity in culture and policy. Equity is a core value of the elite which means to force equal outcomes.103 The DEI programs weed out those who don’t adopt the elite values and drive the business to support the elite agenda. Employees who adopt and support DEI initiatives are promoted and given advantages. Dissidents will quit, be fired, or remain silenced and neutralized.104

Technocratic Control

Technology companies, in addition to adopting ESG and DEI, are information gatekeepers, propagandists and key to technocratic control. They share all user information with the government.105 They censor information, limit the reach of information, and drive people to information that supports the elite agenda.106 107 Instead of giving people control over their news feed, data privacy, and allowing data to be hosted anywhere, they build walled gardens and keep centralized control.108

Religious Institutions

Religious institutions are being infused with Critical Social Justice and being used to advance the elite agenda.109 110 The Southern Baptist Convention voted to include CRT as a tool for teaching in seminaries.111 Influential pastor Rick Warren attends WEF meetings to help push their agenda.112 Pope Francis has spoken out against private property and in support of collectivism.113 Religious institutions are seen by the elite as a tool to instill new values into society to enable their economic and social policies to centralize power.114


Science is being corrupted and used for political ends at the expense of knowledge. There is a reproduce-ability crisis where the results of studies can not be independently duplicated.115 The “critical” disciplines, which are the foundation for Critical Social Justice, are so detached from reality and the scientific method that hoax papers were published and won an award in leading journals.116 117 Moreover, the hard sciences are also affected, with clinical trials manipulated to support the industries that fund them.118 Scientific publications119 and organizations120 have embraced Critical Social Justice and censoring any science that challenges it. As Eisenhower warned, the formalization and cost of performing science has been corrupted to support big business and political agendas over objective knowledge.121 Funding, promotions and publications are granted based on science that aligns with the elite agenda.122 The politicization of science we are seeing now is what Stalin did in communist Russia and what Mao did in China which caused the starvation of millions.123 Objective knowledge and rigorous scientific procedures are being replaced by other ways of knowing and unscientific methodology in all fields: geology, math, computer science, social science, medical science and more.124


The healthcare industry is run by large pharmaceutical and insurance companies.125 Doctors have to follow pre-determined protocols for dealing with patients.126 They are not allowed to make independent decisions or even allowed to speak out without having their licenses revoked.127 128 There is no point in getting a second opinion when all the doctors have to prescribe the same thing or else face consequences.


Education is focused on making children politically literate instead of teaching them reading, writing, arithmetic, and how to succeed in society.129 Critical Social Justice indoctrinates children to think about their class identity and victimization.130 In fact, the theory underlying teacher training explicitly doesn’t want children to learn and be successful in society since that will only re-create the problems that we see in the existing society.131 Social and emotional learning (SEL) are programs in schools (pre-K through 12) used to data mine children to build psychological profiles in order to manipulate them with their emotional triggers.132 In the worst cases, it sexualizes kids at early ages because it is effective at destabilization. This is done to make them more amenable to indoctrination and alienate them from their family and community. This is used to manipulate children to either adopt elite values or at the least to be docile enough to accept or even demand centralized control.133 The goal is to destabilize society to the point where there is no longer agreement on what is reasonable (e.g., “What is a woman?” requires an expert to answer it),134 no shared cultural foundations (e.g., the founding period of the US),135 and rendering people incapable of functioning in society on their own. All of which helps destroy the existing society and usher in centralized control.


In the legal realm, activist judges are undermining free speech,136 freedom of religion,137 and parental rights.138 139 The legal system is being weaponized to prosecute and harass dissidents of the elite agenda.140 The American Bar Association is pushing to require Critical Social Justice training for accreditation.141

Global Governance

An up and coming project is global governance. This starts with references to global citizenship and calls for digital currencies and identity. As nations experience economic recessions, conflicts, and immigration issues due to elitist policies, there will be overtures towards more global governance as the solution.142 Centralized digital currencies and identifications enable behavioral coercion for individuals at a global level based on detailed, personalized psychological profiles and behavior.143

6. What Can You Do?

The powerful elite have continual efforts to centralize power and control in big business, big government, and international organizations across all areas of society. These leaders are corrupting systems of checks and balances to ensure their increased control with minimal to no accountability. Moreover, they are infusing cultural and educational institutions with propaganda in order to minimize opposition and create demand for centralized control. Businesses, religious organizations, universities and scientific organizations are sacrificing their integrity to support the political agenda. As the elite accrue more influence, access to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness is slowly being taken away. They will not only outright restrict speech and actions, but employ behavioral economics in order to coerce people to say and do what they want. Instead of a spontaneous order of people freely thinking, deciding and making agreements on their own, there will be a sustainable, determined order managed by the elites. Self-governance is being dismantled piece by piece.

However, the success of the elite is not inevitable. A greater understanding of what the elite are doing, why they are doing it, and how they are doing it, helps determine how to stop the centralization of the power and support individual freedom. So now the question is what can you do?144


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